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The heart is water moving and moistens all directions


Industrial ram architecture digital integrated system

Digital integrated intelligent control technology, build domestic advanced M2M mode, intelligent control technology.

  Intelligent steady current regulation system

  Application of differential pressure monitoring technology

  Multi level PID intelligent regulation

  Stable control of inflow to ensure the safety of municipal pipe network

  Intelligent vacuum suppression system

  Double negative pressure suppression, real-time monitoring, intelligent control,

  Isolate the atmosphere and restrain the negative pressure.

  Intelligent auxiliary control and monitoring system

  The main and auxiliary systems monitor each other, cycle each other, give early warning in time, and connect intelligently.

  Intelligent no negative pressure full frequency conversion control system

  The full frequency conversion can operate smoothly, relieve the pressure of the power grid, regulate the large flow, reduce the impact of the pipe network, effectively reduce the probability of water hammer, and realize the comprehensive protection of the pump motor.

  Intelligent water hammer bidirectional elimination system

  The instantaneous water hammer is eliminated in both directions, and the network pressure data is statistically analyzed to optimize the operation state of the system.

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